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Originally Posted by Slamdunkpro View Post
The cynical view.

KCBS wants to be NASCAR. It's becoming all about the money. The direction that I'm seeing is to go to "Superstar" big money made for TV (possible invitation only) comps just like what happened to poker a few years ago. KCBS's only interest in local events it twofold:
  • Judging classes - Where the bulk of new KCBS members come from IMHO. Every class generates $40 per student in additional voting members that may or may not have more than a casual interest in KCBS itself. These members probably only stay for a year or two but they serve to dilute the voting pool.
  • Dead Money Competitors - Dead money is another poker term for those that enter events but have no shot at the major overall prizes. In KCBS's case, TOY. They want the fees from those casual 2-3 comps per year teams.
Other than that, don't call us, we'll call you.

There was a good point about KCBS committees brought up during the last election . What members are actually on these committees and how does the general membership get involved. I don't believe these questions were ever answered. Truthfully, I don't think KCBS really wants general membership involvement (other than dues)

Remember that not for profit and (non-charitable) non-profits are allowed to generate revenue and disperse it as they see fit and long as they don't pay dividends. Somebody is making money off all this revenue coming in.
Kind of what I was trying to get at on the MABA call last week... Only not as articulate.
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