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Originally Posted by cptorrez View Post
i doubt anyone knows but it there a place to get good wood in socal?

In my honest opinion your best bet is to either A. Go and check out your local Academy.
Option B is to browse through your local Craigslist, and find a reputable seller of wood.
Down in the Houston area of Texas there's about six guys total I can get pecan/oak/mesquite from quite easily, and for dirt cheap.

As far as the bark goes, I also agree, if it's loose rip it off, for the most part I always pre heat my logs on the firebox, if they start to ignite and I don't need them I pat out the flames then toss em ontop of the cooking chamber, I've always found it gets rid of most of the "nasties" from the wood in this way, by the time it's in there it starts off "true blue."
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