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Originally Posted by big matt View Post
So here's my take..I have been to Myron's class Feb 26-28 this year so i have recent info on how he does it..but I really think it has to do with a lot of factors..quality meat to start,moisture retention injections,and because his smoker has a big pan of water above the fire box..our hog cooker starts with 25 gallons and more water is added through the cook..Popdaddy your right on the button about Texas..all I can say is that every brisket we've done the next one seems even better..our temps run from 350 to 375 most of the cook.

Its funny you should mention this. I used to cook higher in my meat mama 3000 at 350 at least. But people kept saying it tasted more like really the greatest roast beef they ever had but not BBQ. I fact, a deli I used to sell my meats to during this period, well one day i walked in and they were using my brisket as a platform for a beef plate with green beans and brown gravy. I sat down and ate it and I agreed... it was more roast beef like.

As many know at this temp you get a VERY efficient and clean fire. Now this works for a 12 hour smoke but in a quick burn theres a ring but less smoke flavor. What I did was build the fire the same but added a HUGE Billet in the process to increase the smoke.

Myron uses green wood, some cut that day! So... the process breaks more than one rule, lol.
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