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I'm still contemplating my vote.

I'm not seeing a reason that KCBS can't do ALL of the things you've listed. On paper, KCBS exists for the purpose of promoting BBQ and providing education about the same. I don't see competition as being exclusive to that goal, and actually seeing it as being an avenue to accomplish it as I'm sure the founders of KCBS did.

I'm not seeing the difference in the size of the payout, or contest either if the infrastructure is there. Are there enough Reps? If there are, then KCBS takes the check if everything else is in place and the contest qualifies for sanctioning.

With that being said, I WOULD like to see some emphasis put on a program or programs to assist small/startup contests. The Competitor series is a great start! Those type contests are where this organization began if I understand the history correctly.

Frankkly, I don't care what a contest pays. The organizer is responsible for raising funds to pay the teams. If an organizer can raise $100k, that benefits the teams that are willing to make the trip and take their chances. If an organizer can raise $5k, and put on a great contest and do it on a regular basis they are making a great contribution to BBQ and more than likely get teams that are willing to return as well. The money I'm concerned about, is what comes in to KCBS and more importantly what is done with it.

I think there is enough pie to go around. It just needs to be thought out, and planned for over the long haul rather than for the next 6 to 12 months.

Thanks for making me think, Ford.
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