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Originally Posted by KC_Bobby View Post
Ford I'm not sure I'm understanding #4 - is that a suggestion or is it more of a legal issue with non-for-profits and large pay-outs? For whatever reason 10.5K seems to be the payout for a good amount of 65-100 team comps around here.

If limiting the payout is a suggestion, please provide a little background on your thinking to help me understand.

I have not voted yet, but right now I lean towards both the big and small comps.
Option 4 is not part of this poll just my original post. Limits on characters for posts.

But mybe all the big money is clouding judgement and we need to limit KCBS payouts. Then the real big money can do their own thing. Personally I think we need both big and small but we need to do something or people are going to feel left out. 30K for TOY and how many can share in it - Max of 2 overall plus 5 or 10 per category (can't remember what was voted) teams and there will probably be a lot of overlap. So a select few who cook 25-30 or more contests will benefit. Hardly a fair sharing of funds.
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