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It will have to be both or the KCBS will fold.

First, with the small comps, these will be what keeps the KCBS running. They'll pay the basic operating costs of the organization. It will continue to get local individuals involved, find new teams that really enjoy the thrill of competiting, and continue to be a fund raiser for the local communities. Without these, individuals who want to spend the time and money won't look at the $500 entry fee contests to just give it a shot (unless you've got 6-8 people going in on them). This is the lifeblood for KCBS and will be so in the future, and realistically, should have a seperate, dedicated committee focused on running these effectively. I have ideas on how this can be improved by the KCBS, but that's a different story for a different day.

The large contests will help drive the growth of KCBS. The Smoke on Water / Kingsford / Sam's will help drive the national recognition of KCBS and can help expand what KCBS can do. Unfortunately, to do this effecively, as has been mentioned, KCBS will have to lose its not-for-profit status, requiring individuals that have a desire to drive KCBS as a business, not an occasional hobby.

KCBS should look at the big sponsors (Kingsford / Sam's) and leverage them differently. Let the Kingsford Series be a national tour the big teams chase while letting the Sam's sponsor regional events targeted at smaller teams (with corresponding weekends that allow for teams to compete in both the Kingsford and Sam's series, or require you to register for one, not both). Then let there be a Sam's shootout with the Top 5 teams from each region competiting in a final competition with Sam's providing all the final meats. Ultimately, you can end up with a tier system, the big money sponsor gets the big money teams, while regionally there can be some draws for the semi-competitive folks to really go after (those that aren't driving all over the country ever weekend).

The organization HAS to evolve, and without individuals with a larger business knowledge, removing the petty crap, and getting committees that are focused at moving the organization from a semi-regional organization to a true National footprint, it just won't work.
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