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Hmmm LOL after all the ridicule, all the energy some of have endured promoting Hot and Fast... Myron gets the credit? LOL. This is Laughable... pure laughable. That's like me taking credit for the Weeping Method, or the Hot and fast method.

The Meccas have been doing it for maybe 60 plus years if you count JUST the actual BBQ Retailers. At most its a rediscovery.

Good job Boshizzle though... I totally agree with you... nursing a brisket 12 hours is too troublesome and frankly TOO many precautions have to be made to nurse the meat through its ordeal through low and slow.

Two years ago when I told a certain other forum this is how I do it - this is what I got:

"Sure if ya wanna make shoe leather"
"Oh I don't wanna waste a packer burning it, I will stay with the only way... low and slow."

My fav from a member in this forum who now likes the HF method:

"in order for brisket to be tender the fat has to melt slow enough to chemically bond with the collagen that makes it tough and carry it way slowly. Too fast and the fat melts away and leaves the collagen behind.. it will never get tender. Cooking a brisket at temps over 230 245 guarantees sub par meat. Your method is not backed by the science, the same science all of us have used to modify our little pits and ensure there are no flareups."
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