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Default Hot & Fast Brisket Experiment

The recent thread about Myron Mixon's hot & fast brisket was intriguing enough to motivate me to give it a go. I found a full brisket packer at Walmart since that was the ONLY place in town that I could find one. It was about 11 pounds.

I injected it with a mixture of beef stock, portobello mushroom glace, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and Plowboy's Bovine Gold. I mixed up about 32 ounces of the injection and used half of it to inject the brisket and the rest was used as a marinade over night.

I didn't use MM's injection or the great comp injection by Butchers.

I fired up my UDS with my weed burner using some regular K and hickory (I'm a VA boy. What can I say?).

I put the brisket on, fat side down, at 9:00 AM. I used my Maverick to monitor the smoker temp and the meat temp. I kept the UDS as close to 300 degrees throughout the cook as possible. I didn't trim any fat from the brisket. I just injected it, marinaded it, rubbed it down with rub, and put it in the smoker. The rub consisted of Bovine gold, black pepper, and a little cumin. Isn't that how God intended it?

The brisket reached 160 degrees at 11:49 AM. I then placed it in a foil pan and wrapped it in foil.

At 1:40PM, the brisket reached 200 degrees. I took it out of the smoker, wrapped the foil wrapped pan holding the brisket in a blanket and put it in a warm cooler for 2 hours.

So, after about 4 hours and 40 minutes, the brisket was ready to be removed from the smoker. A little more than 4 hours for an 11 pound brisket isn't bad.

I put the drippings in a fat separator and let it cool. I then poured the au jus into a separate container and discarded the fat.

I sliced the brisket and dipped it in the au jus.

It was awesome. I mean, awesome. It was juicy, flavorful, with just the right tenderness. It has a great smoke ring and a nice, tasty bark.

I made some sandwiches using Head Country for sauce and they were some of the best BBQ beef sandwiches I have had in a long time.

Tomorrow, I'm serving some VA brisket Texas style with no sauce, sliced avocado, and smoked jalapeno pepper.

I had some camera trouble, so Pron will be coming as soon as I get the problem with my Nikon D50 worked out.
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