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Hurmm... For some reason I can't edit my posts to fix all the pics...

Well, here's some more pron from my latest cook. Did 2 full racks of spares a couple days ago using my new and improved rub. They were a huge hit. Many compliments. Still wish I would have been able to let them cook a little longer, but I had some important stuff come up that morning that delayed my start.

Just after putting them on:

Half way thru:


Look at that pull-back. Came out great! Tasted great! Think i'm finally satisfied with my rub... maybe just add a hint more garlic & onion powders.

Also, very satisfied with the new rig. Air control is pretty effortless. Holds a nice, steady temp the whole time. Basically set it and forget it. All my "mods" working perfectly.

Gonna try to cut out a heat diffuser today from this sheet of heavy steel I found in my uncle's garage. I'm thinking it will help even out the temps. Bottom thermometer reads about 80* higher than the top and it's only 6" away.

Also thinking about how I'm gonna go about fixing the problems with my first build. Got some good feedback from my fellow bretheren already, so, yeah... Cheers!
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