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Originally Posted by Ford View Post
I wanted this separate from the other post.

Question - what direction do you think the KCBS is heading? Here's some options

1. Mega competition circuit with prize money to support 100+ teams as full time competition teams year round.

2. A backyard BBQ organization to help small contests all over the country to get going and to encourage other people to join our sport.

3. Competition is a small part of the overall goals of the KCBS and there's way to much focus on competition. Let's focus on education (classes for a reasonable rate for John Q. Public) and show people how much fun cooking BBQ is. Add cooking demos like the BBQ tour but have locals do them at a contest and have them sponsored by the KCBS to do the demo instead of cooking. Even allow 10-20 people to join up with 2 -5 teams at a contest and cook with them. Learn what it's all about - and charge a reasonable fee to those people. KCBS compensates teams for this of course but not a lot.

I'd say we'd get about a 50% for #2 and 30% for #3 and 20% for number one. Mods maybe we want to do a poll but probably outside just competition because KCBS is a lot more than competition IMHO.

And opiton 4 - No contest sanctioned by the KCBS can pay out mroe than $10,000 in prize money and must still pay as advertised. So KCBS loses a few big contests (AR and Jack are not KCBS) and we get back to what made KCBS great. Let a for profit group setup a program for the big money contests. But this is just my personal opinion althoug I'd add #3 in with it.
Ford, I think this is worthy of being a separate thread as well. Let me know and I'll split it and create the poll.

When I referred to the potential that I believe is out there I was referring to potential for all of the above (with the exception of #4).

I strongly agree that education should be emphasized more than I perceive it to be at this time. I do think the current BoD has made some progress in recent years, but would like to see more. In addition, I think that the IRS will likely expect that as well as revenue increases.

KCBS has the infrastructure in place to do all of the above if resources are directed efficiently as they become available. I don't see any of the first three options being mutually exclusive, and actually see them as having the potential to be complimentary.

As for #4, I'd ask why a sanctioning organization would want to handcuff any organizer that was able to qualify for having their contest sanctioned? How does that benefit KCBS? As a member, I'd hope that KCBS would be the sanctioning organization of choice for such large contests.

As for issue #2, I like what KCBS has done with the Competitor Series. It has allowed some flexibility to benefit organizers that would like to try something different, or aren't in a position to put on a traditional contest. That does nothing but benefit the cooks.

I just don't see a need for KCBS to narrow the focus of the organization to one of the options offered. I think it is a better organization if it applies resources and talent to all of them.
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