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Default ** PLEASE VOTE *** What direction do you think the KCBS is heading?

I wanted this separate from the other post.

Question - what direction do you think the KCBS is heading? Here's some options

1. Mega competition circuit with prize money to support 100+ teams as full time competition teams year round.

2. A backyard BBQ organization to help small contests all over the country to get going and to encourage other people to join our sport.

3. Competition is a small part of the overall goals of the KCBS and there's way to much focus on competition. Let's focus on education (classes for a reasonable rate for John Q. Public) and show people how much fun cooking BBQ is. Add cooking demos like the BBQ tour but have locals do them at a contest and have them sponsored by the KCBS to do the demo instead of cooking. Even allow 10-20 people to join up with 2 -5 teams at a contest and cook with them. Learn what it's all about - and charge a reasonable fee to those people. KCBS compensates teams for this of course but not a lot.

I'd say we'd get about a 50% for #2 and 30% for #3 and 20% for number one. Mods maybe we want to do a poll but probably outside just competition because KCBS is a lot more than competition IMHO.

And opiton 4 - No contest sanctioned by the KCBS can pay out mroe than $10,000 in prize money and must still pay as advertised. So KCBS loses a few big contests (AR and Jack are not KCBS) and we get back to what made KCBS great. Let a for profit group setup a program for the big money contests. But this is just my personal opinion althoug I'd add #3 in with it.
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