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Default Brisket questions

I cooked my first brisket Saturday (no pron; wasn't that pretty) and have a few questions. I cooked it on the UDS @ 225 for about 10 hours on a 4-1/2 lb piece. I've noticed that some pics of brisket have a red tinge- this one came out gray. Also, I sliced it about 10 minutes before dinner, and it dried out like crazy. It was tender, and had great flavor, so everything was cool. I must confess, I've never even HAD smoked brisket before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It made great sandwiches with some BBQ sauce on an onion roll. I'm just wondering if I need to adjust my technique, or keep on smokin'. BTW- I foiled it at 165, and unwrapped it a couple hours later. It hit 195, and got nice and tender, so I pulled it off. It was early, so I foiled it for about an hour before dinner. Fuel was Kingsford, with 4 big chunks of hickory. The UDS ran perfect, with about a half basket of coal left after 11 hours.
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