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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
The Temp Probe has caused an over reliance in the false finality of internal temps as a judging medium for the "doneness" if many given smoked meats in the beef and pork categories. The Clock holds a close second in its ability to undermine a otherwise tender and moist product.
If I follow your intent, I think the above with "finality" in it really sums up the popular phiosophy that has baptized a lot of q'ers into the art today.

On the other hand, I use a temp-probe to let me know when I am over the stall, so I can kind of get an idea of when to start probing (I'll open up at about 185ish and jab around on the flat).

I'm always doing so many other things, that I lose track of the cook; so the temp-probe helps.

Also, because I ONLY do hot and fast now, I have learned the HARD way that when it is done, to get it out of there and don't dink around and leave it in there!!

I can not see how a clock could possibly help to get it out when it needs to be out.


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