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I had this guy at our local restaurant that sorta wants me to fix his lousy Q but will not change anything. I absolutley love the guy though and think he is a nice guy but he INHERITED the most HORRID sauce i have ever had anywhere. hands down... I mean if someone pours a can of tomato soup over ribs I would like that more. Anyway, the other day I ordered a steak and the steak arrived really rare although I said medium rare. I said nothing a choked it down to be nice then he goes on to tell me his "theory" that all steaks he requires to be cooked one temp under what someone asks for because he says doneness is subjective. I sort of understand that but he guarantees nearly every steak is going to be wrong by that logic. Its idiotic to think that way. I see the logic but its planning to fix a problem by making it wrong to start with.

There is indeed a temperature level at which a steak is done to some degree spearated by levels like rare (120-125) - I think mine was 80 degrees LOL - Medium rare (130-135), medium (140-145), Medium well (150-155) Well Done (160) These are easily hittable targets. I would not worry about the "hole" because he sticks one of those meat temp signs in each steak (which goes in the quick temp hole).

Sure I use the feel method but that's not reliable.

Will he listen - nope.
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