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Originally Posted by tmkshew View Post
I've tried Pulled Pork twice.
Failed both times.

I am really curious if there is a set internal temperature when you guys suggest that I remove the butt from the smoker and put into a dry cooler?
Or if a dry cooler is even necessary. I am in dire need of some help.
I've got it on the smoker now and I was considering just leaving it on until it hits 200 degrees internally and then letting it rest for about 45 minutes then begin to pull.
Is this a good idea.
I'd love any ideas and/or suggestions.

Thanks in advance. I will be sure to post the results.

Originally Posted by tmkshew View Post
Third time is a charm!

I put the damn thing on at 2pm. Learned my lesson. I set an alarm for 2am.
Internal temp was at 193... close enough.

I pulled it and it looked/tasted great!

Thank you guys so much for your suggestions.

Keep Grilling!

What was your conclusion? why were the first 2 failures? maybe you can save someone from Butt Failure in the future.
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