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Default reheating brisket from frozen or chilled...


I've got 3 flats in the 'dera at the moment, along with a heapin pot of chili. 2 of the flats are slated to be frozen, with one of those shipped to colorado. What's the best way to revive my labors in the home kitchen? An oven at 195 with a water pan in it? Slice cold and nuke in the microwave? I will post pictures shortly.

I'm pissed off because i couldnt fit 4 briskets in there w/ the chili pot, plus wally world was outta packer cuts so the 3 i'm smoking are flats tha cost me $2.56 a pound. I've decided that doing a full smoker one a month and freezing the results is the best economy, sure you fellers feel the same way.
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