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Default Fat as Fuel? or that amazing UDS !

This evening I was prepping the char griller to q a few steaks in the side box. While the 1/3 chimney was heating up I decided to empty the ash from Robot (my UDS). I was shocked when I opened her up.

the chunk of red oak was mostly intact.

the ONE chimney of hardwood charcoal was MOSTLY intact !!

I could not believe I cooked for 4 hours and used almost NO FUEL!!

My theory is the dripping fat from the 11 lbs of beef ribs I cooked last night falling onto the coals acted as fuel. I know fat was dripping because there is plenty hardened on the bottom of the drum outside the pizza pan's reach to verify this.

Fat as fuel! I am thinking of a angled "funnel lip mod" below the grate to route the drippings to the charcoal basket. What do you all think?
Bruce B.

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