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The last few times I made boneless pork shoulders and they were some of the best I have made. Don't get me wrong bone in has always worked for me. I especially like when I can slide the bone out it's more than ready!

The last two cooks I did the boneless shoulders and tied them. I found that they all cooked very evenly and were juicy throughout. I did however let them rest for over two hours in a small cooler I have. For what ever reason this just works best for me.

The last cook was a 225-275* cook and it did take about 14hrs. These were purchased as a twin vac-pack from Costco. However I do not remember the weight. If I had to guess probably15-20lbs total between the two. I do use an 18" wsm that leaks like a . I pulled between 195-200*and rested in a cooler. Two hours later I pulled and vacsuc for the freezer.

We did obviously have to have a plate for the evening. Worth every bit of the 14hrs. Not sure if I have any pic's. I'll have to look. I gave 4 half lb packages out to some friends that said they want more! One even offered to buy the butts next time around!
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