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I think Dc nails it. Many of you defended the use of a IT temp probe and nearly all agreed that in the beef and pork realms of bbq the temp probe has its place but in no case an end all to the art. This is primarily my problem. No one, defended the clock really.

So, in true parliamentary form we must align the resolution to be more precise.

It now should read:

The Temp Probe has caused an over reliance in the false finality of internal temps as a judging medium for the "doneness" if many given smoked meats in the beef and pork categories. The Clock holds a close second in its ability to undermine a otherwise tender and moist product.

Now a moment about why I come to y'all with this. As many of you know I run a little web channel. I must get maybe about 700 emails from it a year, mostly questions that look pretty similar to what we get here. In gauging blame for most of the problems people have I have noted that nearly 80 percent comes from what happens to the meat when its on the pit. And 60% of that (not 60% comes from the total) comes from the IT Temp probe, the clock, or manual basting techniques. It amazes me how many people pull their cue at such and such hour and then wonder why its not tender. It amazes me still how many people who understand "its done when its done," "IT Temp is not a measure of doneness" and "lookin' ain't cookin" or "Probe like butter" still yank it too soon, worry about IT and mess otherwise good q up; Only to write me it was better the next day when they reheated it in the oven the next day.

The people who do this UNANIMOUSLY SKIP over the Night Train Brisket exercise. My thought is because I never did a video of that - mostly because its not BBQ, or is it? Can Baking a brisket in the OVEN IN Foil.. be the best training for "feel" ever?

Thanks for your contributions to another Chapter in my book.

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