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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
LOL, LMAO, ROFL. You haven;t been here long enough to see me "rant."

Furthermore, it has long been a pain for many a member to see a thread like this...

Subject:Brisket Help Needed

Dear Brethren

Today i did my first brisket blah blah blah, after blah blah blahing it and blahin it until it blah blahed... i then blahed it until it blahed twice. I then injected it with sweet loving blah when no one was looking. My blahs are tingly and I am walking funny and feel empty deep in my blahs from blahing my meat so much. i let it blah for three weeks then cooked it 20 minutes per pound blah blah blah at precisely blah blah temp. what went wrong blah sniff, blah blah. I checked the temp 56 consecutive times and it was not done at the precise temp of blah, blah blah. After 12 hours i finally gave up. Its a piece of crap. what can I do?

Many of you more experienced blahers say not to probe it or look at it too much... so I cut it down to just checking every 15 minutes--- you know, when I am already blahing it anyway with a mixture of blah just like Bobby Blah does or one of Paula Deens Gay assed sons do.

Internal Temp at 7 - 122
Internal Temp at 7:15 - 122
Internal Temp at 7:30 - 122.43
Internal Temp at 7:45 - 122.5
Internal Temp at 8:00 - 123
Internal Temp at 8:15 - 123.21223
Internal Temp at 8:30 - 121
Internal Temp at 8:45 - 120
Internal Temp at 9:00 - 121
Internal Temp at 9:15 - 122

I think you are right. Let's all just cook like we want... no more questionbs or advice from experts... let's now make this forum pron only... nope, we would learn from that too.

Please, do NOT insult Myron by comparing him to me. You should try talking to him one day.

ROFLMFAO Now that's some funny chit

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