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Default The Clock and the Temperature Probe

The Clock and the Temp Probe.....

Has ruined more BBQ than anything in the last decade.

Now if you use them with expertise then good for you but you are not in the majority.

Then there's all the ones that THINK they make good Q (either from never eating any good q at a pagent or a local place or simply because they have a warped sense of what good q is) and THUS also use probes and clocks in complete denial they are ****ing their q.

The two things have ruined in my opinion maybe 1/3 of the world's Brisket supply alone.

I used to say the Internet has ruined it but while bad info (or too much conflicting good info) has ruined a lot of BBQ,, this forum has proven to give a valuable alignment to the myths and bad practices of bad Q. Kind of like Mental Retardation is on the down slide while Autism is on the up. In other words we do it right and all the others **** it up... the worse internet contributors being so called "chefs" writing for sites.

Now discuss.
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