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Originally Posted by K-Barbecue View Post
I'm planning on doing a brisket this weekend on my new WSM.
1. What temperature should I cook at for hot & fast ?
Few ways you can go on this. You can just shoot for 325 to 350 for the whole cook. You can go middle-ground and go for around 275 for the whole cook. Or you can do a combo low-n-slow / high heat to set the smoke ring (1 to 2 hours at 225, then ramp up to 325 to 350). Personally I've been doing 2 hours at 225 then ramping to 325-350. Next time I'm going to cut my 225 degree part of the smoke to only one hour and see if there is a difference.

Originally Posted by K-Barbecue View Post
2. With the WSM, do I but water in the pan??
Totally up to you. Personally, I use sand. Others just foil the pan for high heat with no water. Others use water. If you use water give yourself more time to get the water up to temp, and be prepared to add more water.

Originally Posted by K-Barbecue View Post
3. How long should a full brisket take with this method.
Depends on the weight of the packer and your temps. A full blown high heat at 325-350 on a mid-size packer can be done in 4-5 hours. A combo low/high heat with a big packer can take up to 10 hours.

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4. And lastly, is the flavor and tenderness as good as the old low and slow method?
I think so.

Here are a couple of posts I made on my high heat experiments on a WSM. Not because I'm an expert, but because they involve a WSM:
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