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Default Ribeye pron

Tested out the new rig yesterday:

Everything came out amazing. Loaded up the basket with briquettes and
some chunks of oak.

I seasoned 4 of the steaks with Adobo and the other 3 with Montreal
Steak seasoning.

I didn't put anything on the corn and taters.

The corn was the best I'd ever had, eventhough a couple of them caught
on fire because I had the grate too low. When I opened the lid, the coals
flamed up from the rush of oxygen and burned off most of the husks.
Oddly, those were the better tasting ears!

Did notice a few things I have to fix with the rig tho. There are a couple
of holes in the bottom where the cut-outs for the axle are. Those need to
be plugged because they are letting air in and making the temp harder to

Also, the intake baffle/flap is warped, probably from when I burned the
stickers off of it. That is also letting in air because it doesn't fit tightly to
the end of the pipe.

Hinges worked great. Shaker bar worked great. Extra space from the
bigger shelf came in really handy.

Overall, very satisfied with the results. Even more satisfied with the food
it produces.
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