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Take the tips to heart; but don't be afraid to fail, maybe do a two day smoke? Do the Butt first and use the lessons learned concerning temp control on your particular UDS when you do the brisket (every UDS behaves a little differently). Of course if things go badly (run away temps...leading to over charing the pork) you can take a step back (read cook some chicken).

I built my UDS two weeks ago, and I've already cooked 10 lbs of apple smoked teriyaki chicken thighs, a hickory smoked picnic shoulder, and just finished a pecan smoked Pastrami (from scratch). Hopefully you'll have as much fun with your UDS as I'm having with my new toy.

Biggest things to remember, catch the temp on the way up (don't let it get over 200 degrees before you try to dial it in). If you snuff it, just try again. Have it under control before you put your meat on...expect it to jump up while you're putting the meat'll come back down. As already stated, don't use too much smoke wood...a little goes along way. As for wrapping/not wrapping, you'll have to experiment over time to find out what you like(after all that's what it's all about). Do allow time for the meat to rest after you take it off the smoker.
Also, have the kitchen oven available for finishing if things get too out of control/you run out of fuel or don't want to add more mid cook, it can kick up ash and you don't want that on your prized BBQ(Butts & Briskets are longer smokes...your UDS might be a fuel never know...til you know).

Have fun!!! And let us know how it goes.


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