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As 1 new smoker to another. This is a GREAT place to start, there are many experienced "pit masters" on this site that are willing to share their knowledge. Take the time to learn the personality of your drum, I DID NOT . As a result I failed the first 3 cooks that I attempted and was pretty "bummed" The results were overcooked and very dry (not good eatin') I made some changes to my barrel based on advice and info that I received here. Yesterday was the first time I fired up the drum since my failures. I had no confidence in the drum (or me) so I did not cook anything. I wasted some charcoal BUT I was able to maintain 225*-250* with the drum for 7 hours . SO I am ready to cook my butt on Wednesday.

BTW Welcome to our version of group therapy Good Luck and keep us posted

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