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I agree with Dgassaway!! WAIT on the brisket and butt.
I just started with my UDS and I am glad I'm learning at this pace with this smoker. 1st smoke - chicken drums and 1 whole chicken. Got a feel for it - smoked for 3 hours or so and felt good about it.
2nd smoke - chickens and 2 racks of ribs. Took a little more work and control - glad I practiced with chickens the week before. Smoked for 4-5 hours and could have gone longer (learning how much coal to use).

Next smoke (this weekend) will be 4 slabs of BB Ribs and maybe a pork butt - not sure yet on the butt, but the ribs for sure. Might do chicken again just to be sure I'm feeling confident in my control of the temps on my UDS.

Point being - start easy, so as not to get discouraged and waste a good hunk of meat. There's PLENTY of time to smoke the briskets and such...just learn the cooker before if you ask me.
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