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Default How do you feel?

Ok this is a Question about how do you feel about comps that do not allow you to bring in your own booz be it beer or liquer. I.E. the comp in the Wi Dells. i am told thay are charging $18 dollers for a case of beer. am told that is there cost. i find that hard to belive.
Ok here are my thought 1st i am not competing in the dells i cant .. But i would have if i could have. But I dont think it is good to ask competetor to have to by your beer after all the other costs that thay ae putting out... and i have friends that are sponserd by brerys and part of there sponsership is giving out free beer to other competitors... and we are talking about a case of beer not a pallet...and i also know the red cup rules... but that is breaking there rules... it is a sticky wicket to be shure...

Auther note this is not a tread for fighting it is for your opinin and everyone has one... play nice... thanks folks
i feel i should say something profound .... so drink up the beers getting cold
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