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Default Help! My first smoking experience!

I just bought a UDS this weekend and tomorrow will be my first time ever actually smoking meat. I here are some initial thoughts and questions:

I plan on lighting the smoker using the minion method can this be done without a coffee can?

After dumping in the chimney on my other coals do I close the lid or shut it and open the valves or close them?

How much hickory should I put on the coals and where should I put the chunks?

I have a six pound brisket slab and a 8 pound butt how long should I smoke them? At what point should I flip the brisket? What point do I foil them? Do I leave the foil open, cracked or sealed?

Do I sauce the meats mid way through the smoke?

If you see anything i'm forgetting please tell me! Thanks a ton!
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