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Default Cooler Technique

Kev asked about using a cooler, but I didnt want it to get buried in the cattle call.

Some good info already on this:

Originally Posted by Kevcros
My question is..I smoke to the appropriate temps, let sit for a few minutes and carve..Someone please explain the wrapped cooler sitting technique ? May start early to allow cooler if important..
Originally Posted by cookswithfire
Kevcros..being a newbie myself I may be totally wrong about this but this Is what I think the cooler does...It gives the meat a extended rest allowing some of the juices to soak back into the meat.. with out loosing that much temperature so its win win
Originally Posted by kcquer
. I'll add a bit to cwf's insight on the use of a cooler to say that even when stuff is pulled from the cooker and the internal temp begins to drop that cooking continues, using the cooler extends this process and will yield a more tender finished product without risk of drying. Very effective on briskets and butts.

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