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Default Rotisserie Cajun Cornish Hens

In between traveling cross country and experiencing something people outside of Southern California encounter, known as “weather”, I have had to submit a quickie, make-do entry for this week. So while the location was by a bayou near New Orleans, due to it being dark before I got started, I ended up using the campfire ring rather than the beauty shot with the alligator in the background I would have preferred.

As I am in the heart of Cajun country, there was no way to go other than Cajun style. I used hickory-smoked bacon to try and do a more modest male and female variation of Thirdeye’s famous Lemon Implants Chicken( Visually it did not really work out, but boy it added some nice flavor, so thanks very much Thirdeye for that idea!

Next, on went the Cajun rub and off to the mixed-wood fire they went. On the side, I prepared a crawfish cream sauce using crawfish tails, heavy cream, lots of garlic, some parmesan cheese and plenty of Cajun spice.

To make sure the meal had a vegetable, I rounded out the dish with some tasty Zapp’s Voodoo Gumbo potato chips. You gotta love the little voodoo dolls on the package.

While ridiculously delicious, this plated photo admittedly looks atrocious, so I will go for the first, in-action version above as my official entry.

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