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Default Dinner at our house

I spatchcocked two cornish game hens this morning and let them soak in buttermilk, Texas BBQ Rub (original) and some crushed garlic while we spent the day playing little league. After I got the WSM fired up, I took the hen out of the buttermilk, patted them dry and sprinkled on a little more rub.

The kids wanted to MOINK balls, I needed practice for the upcoming certification window, so I threw some on with the Boudin Stuffed ABTs that I had planned to accompany the game hen. The ABTs are stuffed with a mixture of Boudin (pork & rice sausage), cream cheese, garlic and onion. I had a little stuffing left over so I stuffed a bell pepper too just for fun.

I let the WSM ride up in temp to around 325. I didn't go all scientific and just let the temperature fluctuate, didn't use my temperature probe. Just kept a closer eye on the grub than usual.

After taking the MOINKS off to feed the little qs, I glazed the chicken with Pinapple/Habanero Jelly courtesy Texas Pepper Jelly. I also put the cherry tomatoes on the grill (EVOO, pepper, thyme, rosemary, all spice).

I let the glaze set for about 15 minutes. I used my crappy, non-instant, super slow poke, analog non-thermopen to check the T. The juices were running clear when I poked it and the thighs were 170+ so I pulled the bird and let it rest while the tomatoes finished up.

The platter when it hit the dining room table:

Money shot (please use this photo as my entry):

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