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Brisket in Chile is great.. adds some smokineness to it thats ya can't get in a bottle(o yeah liquid smoke...ewwwwww)

my results....

I made too much food.. people were walkin around holding their bellies.

first came out 2 Briskets, one my standby and the other injected with Fab B.

(ON a side note with the Fab B. Dont like the color the Fab B turns the brisket.. and the meat had an uneven appearence to it from the injections. Taste was definately "enhanced", but i like the flavor of a plain ole' brisket better. )

The brisket s evaporated in about 5 minutes. 12 people, 2 12lb'ers. One real nice compliment. olne of my guests brought his brother. He worked in Ben's Deli for 12 years.. Bens is a fancy smancy Kosher deli around here. He said than in 12 years he never had a brisket "that tender or juicy with that much flavor and never saw a brisket with that much juice coming out of it." He wants to bring BBQ to the Restaurant. Is oak and Mesquite Kosher?

Sausage rings and Fatties came out next.... poof.. fatties gone in minutes.. no one believed they were jimmy deans, had to show them wrappers from the garbage.

Moved on to a barrage of chicken and ribs, put out a tray of wings while slicing and serving the ribs, then brought out some thighs... Ws experimenting with different sauce recipes to get some insight for competitions..(no one knew they were being guiney pigs). The wings were going like mad.. people were startin to slow down... Kept bringin out ribs(made 9 racks of st louis).. I couldnt tell the difference between the moans from good ribs or the moans from overfull bellies but i had both.. came to the point where people were running away when they see someone coming with a tray of meat..... Few hours later i discovered a pork butt in the coller.. forgot about it.. guess that was a good thing.. beside a few wings.. it was all the leftovers a I had..

then again, they hardly touched the sides.... beans went, but the salads all stayed..

Made a cobbler the chrating way.. got some cherry pie fillings and put it in the dutch oven and layed some pop-n-fresh cinnamon buns on top. Put the dutch oven inm the firebox with some coals on top... worked nicly.. was really good.. and easy to do..
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