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Being that this is my first post here, let me say "Greetings to all BBQ Brethren!", and offer a (hopefully) brief introduction...

I've been a typical backyard griller for many a year. I had been using a Jen Air gasser for the past couple of years. I was dissapointed that the meat off my $700 gasser just wasn't as tasty as meat off my previous $50 Weber kettle clone!

So I bought a table top Weber charcoal grill to do my steaks. It was hard to go back the the Jen Air - it's hard to beat charcoal flavor IMHO.

I decided to "get serious" and learn a bit about the black art of grillin' & smokin'. I did a bit of research and thought Kamodo style grill/BBQ would fit the bill. Was ready to buy a large BGE, when I came across some reviews of the Bubba Keg and Big Steel Keg.

Got my keg about 3 weeks ago, joined the BSK forum, learned about this forum there. Joined this forum last Sunday. A few days ago I posted a pic of my weekend Cornish Hen cook on the BSK forum, and a few folks there encouraged me to enter this Mini Fowl throwdown, so here I am

Following is the relevant portion of my posting on the BSK forum, and my one and only photo:

"I ended up with a little free this afternoon and picked up a few hens. Whipped up a quick marinade of soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic, and sesame oil. Threw the hens in the marinade for a few hours whilst I went out a mowed the lawn and a few other yard tasks.

Fired up the BSK at 3:45 pm using a MAPP torch (put two small lumps of hickory on top of the lit coals), it was up to temp (~350*) in 15 minutes. Tossed on the hens, finished up the yard chores - checked on the temp a few times, and thought the guage might be stuck, it locked on to 350 and never varied (wasn't stuck, it's just that stable!).

After an hour and 15 mins, internal temp of breasts was around 165*, and dinner was served at 5:30 pm!"

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