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Ive used the stone on the kettle. Broken 2. What i learned is to get the coals going, and spread very evenly with no flames. Spread as wide as possible so there is no hotspots. I preheat my stones with the oven at 500 just to be cautious. But if you have the coals spread, even, and low you shouldnt have problem. Let the stone sit over the ashed coals for 6-8 minutes and its ready to go.

Make sure you lube, or flour/cornmeal whatever surface you make your pizza on because fresh raw dough is very sticky! ive had some thick crusted hand tossed loaded with toppings that i couldnt for the life of me get off the cutting board onto the stone. Never wash the stone. Just scrape it off and rinse. No soap, no soaking. if something is sticking burn it off in the oven and scrape. Seasoning is good. the more you use it the better it gets, like cast iron.

Use charcoal, not lump wood as its easier to keep even heat with no chunks. Keep those vents open! top and bottom. You want the grate level to be 550-600 degrees for thin 500-550 for thick crust.
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