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Originally Posted by brer rabbit View Post
how long did it take to get the sheetmetal back straight for the door opening after that fire? i have the same tank, and i was thinkin i better get it built before tweekin the hell out of it like that, but if it pops back, id rather burn first.

also, that pic of you under the thing reminds me of this:

LOL!!! Right On! But I should clarify something....I wasn't getting under the trailer, that's my buddy Eric!!! (I figured it was safer taking the picture!)

Well, the fire may have had a little something to do with the ripples at the top and bottom of the door opening, but the real problem was I don't think they rolled the steel when the tank was built. I believe they tacked it and bent it around and tacked it, etc. When I cut the door out it was under quite a bit of pressure and popped about 4" out from the body of the tank (be careful!). I had to make a template of the radius and have the door rolled so that it would fit again.

To straighten out the top and bottom I put about 5 clamps on a piece of 1"x1"x1/4" angle iron on the inside of the opening and tacked it in between, then moved the clamps and tacked until it was straight. Did the same thing at the bottom of the opening, but left the top edge down 3/8" so that my cooking grates (3/4" sq. tubing) would have something to sit on and the door could close against it too.
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