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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by willkat98
Originally Posted by BBQchef33
ok.. stuff to shove in a loin.

a fatty..
a zuccini or chinese eggplant.
how about a section of beef tenderloin??? (Porkmignon)
Jorge, this thread is now a continuation of either Things to Try thread, or Pork Loin

These are some awesome ideas.

I got 4 loins at home ($1.64# last week) so I'm definitely gonna try some of these.

Phil and I were laughing on the phone today. Me: Maybe I'll try canadian bacon log, cored with a pineapple corer, then shoved in there. Phil:might be to dry. Me: I'll wrap bacon around it first.

We were laughing, farking triple stuffed pig mod.
You're all a bunch of farkers!!!!!!!! Chicken and the beef tenderloin sound awesome. Packing coolers now for a road trip to see my folks. As if I hadn't packed enough meat into the coolers already! <must pack buckshot to keep ravenous neighbors away>
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