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Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
I think the heat is going to radiate to to cold side it would be bettor to run the separately.

The Tap- I think you're going to have a problem . The heat at the top or that box is going to be high PLUS that's where it exits into the smoke chamber so it will have hot air passing all day long. Radiating heat will not be your friend, is the handle golssed?
The heat may want to travel that direction (heat always goes to cold). Was thinking about putting in a spring check valve so the water can only flow one direction. Also, may want to put an expansion tank on the cold water side somewhere.

Yes, the handle does have a gloss to it. I think you may be right about that not being a good spot for the taphandle to go. Doggonnit! Might have to look for an all metal taphandle.

Thanks for all the comments everyone!
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