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Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
Looks good!!!
I think that IPA tap is going to melt would it be better suited for the door on the smoke chamber?

Hot water coil- I have toyed around with this idea too but haven't found a way to install a pressure/relief valve. Once it get's hot she's gonna make steam and it's gotta escape. How are you going to plumb it and are you using a steel holding tank for the heated water?

Mmmmm I can already smell them pretty pigs smoking in that offset! Keep us posted.
Doc's my plan: I am going to put a hose fitting through the side of the trailer. Right behind the hose fitting will be a tee, with one side of the tee going directly to the cold water side of the faucet and the other would continue on to my hot water coil in the smoker. I am going to put a ball valve at the inlet of the hot water coil so that if I am not using the hot water for an extended period of time, I can just shut it off before it enters the coil. At the outlet of the coil I am going to put a tee with the tee side facing down. I am going to screw a T&P Valve (Temperature and pressure, like you would find on a water heater) into the end of the tee. This will let off at either 210 degrees or 30 PSI (for safety). I will plumb the drain from the T&P through the trailer deck. The downward side of the tee will continue on to my hot water side of my faucet.

I hope I explained it clearly (should make a drawing!)

What do you think?

P.S. I hope my tap doesn't melt!! I will be monitoring the temperature in the area of the tap. It is mostly made of wood (except for the hammer head)
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