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Lightbulb MY take on the UDS- step by step build

OK, so my first build went alright, but I'm not really happy with the way it's
working. It's a pain to adjust the 3 inlets I made, steady temps are
basically non-existant and I spent a ton of money and time making a
cleanout door that mostly just gets in the way and causes heat loss.

Rather than spend another $50-$100 fixing all the issues with my first SDS
(sexy drum smoker) I decided to just take the lessons I've learned and
start over. This is my general blueprint:

As you all can probably see, there is going to be only 1 air inlet pipe made
of 2" inside diameter black iron pipe with a simple slide valve. The green
bars represent a "V" shaped piece of 3/4" flat steel bar attached to a piece
of steel rod with a handle at the top. When you move the handle up and
down, the "V" pivots, shaking the ash off the coals.

I found a set of 2 cabinet door hinges that look like they will work for the
lid, and the shelf has a handle hold cut out of it, like most commercial gas
grills have.

The cooking grates are 21.5 inch replacement grill grates with an 18" piece
of 3/16" steel rod bent to form handles. I know most people don't put their
grates so close to the coals, but that's the idea behind the heat diffuser.
It'll just be a flat piece of steel with a bunch of holes drilled to allow heat
and smoke thru.

Have the barrel all cleaned out already and have bought most of my parts
and hardware. Going to have it sand-blasted tomorrow. I'll post the pics
sometime after.
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