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somebody shut me the fark up.
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The following message is being delivered to you via hellfire missiles from a silent black helicopter hidden in the distance.

My fellow Throwdownians,

In at least a couple past Voting threads, we have had people make shamefully gratuitous posts trying to solicit votes. These have ranged from showing pictures of their beautiful smiling children holding signs asking for votes, to images depicting BBQ Monster attacks on various Midwestern towns to try and sway people to vote for them to quell the violence.

These added to the fun a bit, as it allowed for some extra chatter. I did not see a problem with that, and frankly I don't see that being a problem now.

Therefore, if you think you have a statement you can publicly give to the voters that might just influence them to vote for you instead of someone else, then this Voting thread is your mechanism to do this very thing.

However, rumors have been circulating that solicitations are going around in private, away from public scrutiny. I am here to tell you that I discourage such backroom dealings in smoke filled rooms. If you want someones vote, ask for it here and get the ears of many. If you just send private messages you are limiting yourselves to a precious few, and frankly it may look a little weird to those who receive the messages.

There is no need for anyone to be called out, I have no idea who the people are engaging in such activities, and frankly I don't want to know. I also do not think they should be judged negatively by anyone. It was a simple honest vote gathering decision they made, perhaps not knowing of the better opportunities presented by soliciting votes in this thread.

So please, let's continue on with the fun of the Throwdowns. If you want someones votes, please work hard and make a strong entry, and if you so desire, try and stump for your entry here in this thread.

I am certain that by working together in an open backyard forum such as this, we will achieve unsurpassed greatness.

My name is Chris Baker and I approve this message.

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