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Default Porterhouse Steak and Mushrooms, XL Style (Pron heavy)

When I went to the grocery store yesterday I had a couple of ideas for the new XL Throwdown. My first thought was Sriracha Orange Marmalade Wings, XL Style using turkey wings. No turkey wings . OK next idea. How about Ribs XL Style using a nice rack of beef ribs. No beef ribs. Now what?

Well, one local grocery store is remodeling, and their meat counter is closed so they set up meat displays at different points around the store. They must be trying to make up for the inconvenience because the had some of the nicest looking Porterhouse steaks that I have ever seen. They weren't Prime, but very nice Choice, and two inches thick! Then it hit me...

Porterhouse Steak and Mushrooms, XL Style!

First, the star of the show...

2 lbs of Porterhouse

Just to show the thickness

And, of course, some XL Style mushrooms

Baby portabellas

I gave the steak a light coat of Olive Oil and then a generous coating of Dizzy Pig Cowlick Steak Rub and let it sit on the counter while I prepped the rest of the meal (about an hour)

I decided to stuff the baby portabellas so I chopped the mushroom stems, sweet onion and red bell pepper and sauted them until soft.

Then I added some garlic and some baby spinach and let the spinach wilt.

Then I added some garlic & herb bread crumbs and shredded colby-jack cheese

Then I stuffed it into the mushroom caps and topped it with more breadcrumbs and a little drizzle of olive oil

I had the Memphis Pro cooking at 350 with a couple of sweet potatoes in there. After the potatoes started to soften I put in the mushrooms

I expected the mushrooms to take about 30 minutes, but when i checked them after about 25 minutes they were done so I pulled them and put them into the oven set at 180 to keep them hot. They looked great!

Then I kicked the grill up to 600 degrees and got ready to cook the steak. This was my first steak on the Memphis Pro so I was experimenting a little. I cooked it for 8 minutes per side. Here it is after the flip.

Since this is for the XL challenge I made myself an XL plate

It was delicious!

OK... I really didn't eat all of that. I shared with Parsley Lady I cut both sides of the steak away from the bone and we each had a piece of the strip and the tenderloin along with a baked sweet potato and some spinach-cheese stuffed mushrooms. Here is my plate.

So... Now I have a full belly, 4XL Style
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