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Originally Posted by KCMitch View Post
Thanks for the help everyone. I tried RonL's method of a slow start combined w/ sand in the water pan and right now the temp is sitting at 300. It took about 30 minutes to climb up there. Now I'm messing w/ the vents to try to get it to stop. A few questions:
  1. What's the best approach for vent control? Fully closing some vents and leaving others open or slowly closing all vents at approx the same amount?
  2. Right now the top grate measures at 300 and the lid thermometer measures at 275. I thought the temp at the lid is supposed to be higher?
I close them all evenly if possible, but I normally end up with on closed all the way and the others open a sliver for a low temp cook. Once things settle in the dome temp will be higher.
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