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Get a Harbor Freight weed burner, man. $20. Hooks to a propane tank. I put my coals in the basket, a few fist-sized chunks of wood on top, and then I blast it with this thing for about 2-3 minutes, and everything is lit nicely. Then just lower the basket in the drum. I use a $4 fireplace poker for that. It's great for re-starting old coals, too. I just close my drum up after I smoke, so if there are unused coals, I take the basket out, clean out the ash pan, add anything I need to top it up, then blast it. I typically get two 6-10 hour cooks out of one load of coal/wood.

BONUS: Sounds like a jet engine! Impresses all who see you. Every man should have one.

Helpful hints: A wire bale off a 5-gallon bucket works perfect for a fire basket bale. Removed the plastic handhold from it, and make a small dimple in the middle of the wire where the plastic handhold was, to keep the basket from sliding when you use your fireplace poker hook to lower it down in the drum. The bale is much thicker than ordinary wire. Also, a 2" pipe at least 6" long on the lid will improve your draw, even with the small venting bung closed off.

You are on your way to years of good cue on that thing! Congrats!
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