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Default Check out this classic Buddy L

My brothers are in the Mustang restoration business. I was up at their place today walking around the back lot and came across an interesting kettle.


It is a cast aluminum kettle. About 3/8" thick aluminum. Dampers on top center and bottom. Ken said he pick this up from someones trash and liked the way it looked '70s.


The original color is almost a dead ringer to his Grabber Orange Mach1. It is all there. It still even has the sunburst grate. He loaded it up and took it to his house from the shop and said he would redo it.

I spent about 20 minutes with Google and found a little about it. Found several news paper ads and a Popular Science product announcement on a gas version. The ads I found place it '70 - '74 vintage.

Ad from Cape Girardeau, MO:,1932159

Ad from St. Petersburg:,2243327

* Note in the St. Pete ad there is a rotisserie like one we have seen here on BBQB.

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