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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by The Pigman View Post
I use a reverse flow for competing and for catering ...would not use anything else-STICKBURNERS RULE
Originally Posted by Smokin_Joe View Post
So let me ask you this... what do you think of a Lang? I am thinking of building a Lang clone, but how would that do for comps.?
Originally Posted by RubMeTender View Post
We have the Lang 84 as well and that's what we use for comps. Once it gets to a proper temp, the Lang will hold onto it for a while. You have to feed the fire obviously, but that's the life of a stick burner.
Toss me into the Lang crew!

As for stable temps, I know that between the blanket we put on 'The Mistress' and my fire guys, they manage to keep her roughly 5-7* from end to end and have done it in the rain as well. Can't ask for much better than that!

Originally Posted by RubMeTender View Post
If you are going to build a clone, just make sure you don't cut corners. I've seen that way too often with people building clones of any type of smoker.
Great advise! If anything, I would try insulating the cooking chamber a bit (we use an old moving blanket).

Originally Posted by monty3777 View Post
I have a Horizon off-set and have huge temp variations from one side of my pit to the other. My understanding is that reverse flow will help keep pit temps stable. However, a simple modification to traditional off-sets may also do the trick. By simply moving the smokestack to grate level the pit temps seem to stay the same (think Jambo). Just another way of dealing with the problem, FWIW.
Have you played with the tuning plates? This would be the first place I would look at....
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