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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Let's not let this get out of control. I really hope my correction doesn't steer this thing towards overcorrection, or lead to too much nitpicking.

I think if someone submits a patty of ground meat or (heavens forbid) ground meat substitute, that will qualify enough to get into the voting thread.

What I would hate to see is someone submit a pulled pork sandwich, or a whole brisket, or something else along those lines. That is why I am putting in this rule, to allow for any mischief to be handled.

Smokey Al was not trying to trick anyone, or do anything mischevious, and I totally understand where he was coming from and originally was going to let this one be decided by the voters. I meant no ill will towards anyone by taking this step.

The reason I did something is because I just know that some joker or jokers out there somewhere could take that case as a reason to start submitting entries that are not really in the category at hand. Call me paranoid, but I think some people like stirring up controversy and this is simply to avoid a clear issue that can be addressed simply.

We just all need to come to grips with it really. I don't think it is out of hand, but then since I came up with the idea I'm biased perhaps.
But it will lead to overcorrection. I now would whole-heartedly agree with Rick. The fun will go out of these contests, especially with "prizes" on the line. There will be no end to the nit-picking and this will no longer be fun. Let the voters decide is the best course of action.

For me, some of the best entries are the ones that seek a novel method of overcoming the obstacle. We had two cases of boneless ribs in the last throwdown. They are outstanding examples, both novel and superb, one even a sandwich! Would this be submitted if the participant had to guess whether to submit this based on an arbitrary definition of what is a rib? Whose loss would that be? What about chops and nuggets? You'd have to personally approve every entry and contend with objections. Your life would be hell!

Personally, if someone submits a pulled pork sandwich or brisket, I don't think they'd receive many votes. One demonstration of this was last contest with two entries of bone in ribeyes or prime rib. These look completely delicious, but last I looked the voters seemed to feel the entrants pushed the envelope a bit too far (or not far enough perhaps). To me this demonstrates the voters can decide these matters.

As far as zeros go. I had no idea this would be such a status symbol -- go figure. I have no problem with lots of members, but will happily disband the club if it is causing this heartache. For me these throwdowns are one of the best parts of this site and I would not like to see them compromised.
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