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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Let's not let this get out of control. I really hope my correction doesn't steer this thing towards overcorrection, or lead to too much nitpicking.

I think if someone submits a patty of ground meat or (heavens forbid) ground meat substitute, that will qualify enough to get into the voting thread.

What I would hate to see is someone submit a pulled pork sandwich, or a whole brisket, or something else along those lines. That is why I am putting in this rule, to allow for any mischief to be handled.

Smokey Al was not trying to trick anyone, or do anything mischevious, and I totally understand where he was coming from and originally was going to let this one be decided by the voters. I meant no ill will towards anyone by taking this step.

The reason I did something is because I just know that some joker or jokers out there somewhere could take that case as a reason to start submitting entries that are not really in the category at hand. Call me paranoid, but I think some people like stirring up controversy and this is simply to avoid a clear issue that can be addressed simply.

We just all need to come to grips with it really. I don't think it is out of hand, but then since I came up with the idea I'm biased perhaps.
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