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Originally Posted by Redheart View Post
Beef reaches a safe eating temperature that is lower than pork. Pork reaches a safe eating temperature than poultry.

I know when we cook butts or briskets we cook them to a much higher temperature than chicken, but what if you are cooking steaks and chicken pieces? Do you want to take a chance on contaminating the beef with chicken if the beef is gonna be medium rare?
Well, yes but no... Bear with me for a moment.
A very good point on the cooking temps of dif meats, however we are talking about about safe *internal* temps, our external cooking temp (grill or smoker) is (dare I say) always going to be higher than what the safe internal temp is. Therefore unless we are injecting raw chicken juice into our steak then there is effectively no chance of the exterior of the steak not reaching the safe chicken temp... Does that make sense?

Originally Posted by Redheart View Post
I am a KISS kinda person, so I do it the same way every time so as not to think when I am doing it. I was taught all this years ago when I work in a restaurant and I just do it outta habit.
I agree, that is the best way to never have a problem, and is probably the best practice.

Thanks for the reply!

Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
The issue is that HD classes are geared for everyone and the only way to get a 16 year old working his /hers first food job is to do things that leave no questions is to dumb EVERYTHING down and remove any excuses.

Bottom line in my opinion is if you dumb it down people can be held accountable for their actions.
I agree!

I think that it might also give fuel to the misconception that something bad happens if a piece of raw chicken touches a piece of raw pork...
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