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Originally Posted by KnucklHed BBQ View Post

Please explain for me, what chances would you be taking if you did not wash the board between meats?

In my mind, if the meat that you're prepping is in good condition and not spoiled or anything, what risk is there of the beef getting something funky from the chicken you just cut before it?

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Beef reaches a safe eating temperature that is lower than pork. Pork reaches a safe eating temperature than poultry.

I know when we cook butts or briskets we cook them to a much higher temperature than chicken, but what if you are cooking steaks and chicken pieces? Do you want to take a chance on contaminating the beef with chicken if the beef is gonna be medium rare?

I am a KISS kinda person, so I do it the same way every time so as not to think when I am doing it. I was taught all this years ago when I work in a restaurant and I just do it outta habit.
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