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You bitches is crazy! Thot I'd bring this dead (umm, resting?) beast back to liferz or something....

I wrap in plass-tique all farking daaayyy dawg, know whaaam sayyin?? shheeeeiiit dawg! We gotz yo' say-ran rappers, we got yo' tin foilz hat wearin' chiiit... farkin' we even gotz yo' sad a$$ mu-fuggin' jigga', beeotch slappin' - mama smackin' - ho dawgin' - stripper wearin' latex mutha' farkin' daddy pimpin' pro-feesh-inalll - Kay-Tuh-Rin stretch wrap! FUGG-DAT! I laid this track bitches! Ya'll betta respect!

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We shall throw our bacon wrapped all beef justice upon the wooden skewers of truth to be held on high and let them know that we will not stand for this. ~Butz

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